PDC Elective Module - Through the Lens of a Catholic Leader


This elective module will assist participants with understanding how their role as a leader in Catholic schools is pivotal to fostering a culture of equity and inclusion.


 What you will learn from this module

Participants will examine evidence-based research to understand the meaning of authentic inclusion and look-fors to guide their current practices. They will explore the role of the leader in fostering positive relationships with caregivers of children and youth, as well as their impact on understanding aggression and promoting positive student behaviour. School leaders will examine factors contributing to student trauma and develop trauma-informed practices to foster an inclusive school culture.  


This module is usually offered in November and February. Monitor CPCO communication for the next opportunity to register. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jan Murphy, Assistant Coordinator of Catholic Leadership Development Services, at [email protected].

CPCO’s Principal Development Course Additional Qualifications (PDC AQ) is developed and facilitated virtually by CPCO Associates (Practicing and Non-Practicing). It is 125 total hours in length, designed as a modular course with Core and Elective Modules related to Catholic Leadership.


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