Who we are

Catholic Principals' Council | Ontario (CPCO) is a voluntary, professional association for principals and vice-principals in Ontario's 29 publicly-funded Catholic school boards.

CPCO represents the needs and perspectives of local principals/vice-principals in Catholic school boards and is their exclusive representative to the provincial government. The association is managed by a board of directors comprised of 9 elected active principal/vice-principals from across the province. Approximately 600,000 students in Ontario attend Catholic schools. Catholic school principals and vice-principals lead over 1,300 publicly-funded Catholic schools in the province.

Why it matters

Catholic Principals' Council | Ontario is called to leadership in Catholic education through service and advocacy with a commitment to gospel values. CPCO values:

  • Catholic education and its commitment to gospel values
  • The leadership of Catholic principals and vice-principals
  • Independence as an organization
  • Partnerships in education and business

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