Try Lumina Spark online!

CPCO is pleased to share this significant learning opportunity with you.

Lumina Spark is designed to facilitate your process towards increased self-awareness and understanding. It can help identify your strengths and opportunities for further development, and address questions you might be asking yourself, such as:

  • How can I develop my leadership capacity as related to the Ontario Catholic Leadership Framework?
  • How can I work better with my team to create better results?
  • How can I raise my self-awareness and improve the quality of working relationships with staff, learners and families?

By providing you with insight into your own personality and personal preferences, Lumina offers the opportunity to reflect on your interactions and come to a better understanding of your colleagues and friends.

This experience will generate many questions and ideas. Please feel free to share these with your colleagues, friends and family as you “seek to understand.”

E-learning with Lumina Spark consists of 15 modules that provide the opportunity to complete a personal Lumina Spark Portrait and access to a guided online debrief, which will inform your professional growth plan and develop your capacity as a leader.  

Modules One and Two are complimentary.

Upon completion of Module Two you can purchase access to the Lumina Spark questionnaire to generate your personal portrait. Your portrait and access to the remaining modules will be emailed to you. At the end of Module 15, you will also receive a personal CPCO Certificate of Completion.

Let the learning begin!