Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines and Revised Concussion Protocol

The Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines (Safety Guidelines), managed by Ophea, are recognized as the minimum standards for risk management for physical activity in schools. The Safety Guidelines include the Concussion Protocol which is recognized by the Ministry of Education to be the minimum standard for Ontario school boards.

The Safety Guidelines including the Concussion Protocol are annually revised as required, by a team of experts with knowledge in the relevant fields.   

Safety Guidelines: http://safety.ophea.net

Concussion Protocol: http://safety.ophea.net/concussions


2018-2019 Safety Guidelines Concussion Protocol

The 2018-2019 Safety Guidelines Concussion Protocol has been developed in partnership with Parachute and is based on the Canadian Guideline on Concussion in Sport and the Berlin Consensus Statement on Concussion in Sport.

To assist in the implementation of the Concussion Protocol, Ophea has prepared a high level summary document, Summary of Changes in the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines Concussion Protocol (OPESGCP) & Implementation Tools, to assist school boards in identifying the changes. 



Ophea’s Concussion Identification, Management and Prevention for Schools 2018-2019 e-Learning module

Ophea’s Concussion e-Learning module has also been updated to align with the revised Concussion Protocol and includes strategies and resources to be used for identification, management and prevention. It is intended for all school staff including educators, administrators and support staff. School boards may post the e-Learning Module directly on their Learning Management System. Participants who complete the e-Learning module successfully are issued a certificate of completion.