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Leading Student Achievement: Networks for Learning

Leading Student Achievement: Networks for Learning (LSA) is a highly successful collaborative project, which is well poised to begin its eleventh year. Currently approximately 60 districts (28 from CPCO) have accepted the invitation to join the project.

LSA began in 2005 as a result of a proposal submitted to the Ministry by the three Ontario principals’ associations. Although the project has evolved over the years, it continues since its inception to be based on sound research and a multi-level approach which provides support to school leaders as they work with colleagues to build professional capacity in order to improve achievement and well-being.

The LSA project has developed an impressive infrastructure of schools and leaders as participants organize into Principal Learning Teams (PLTs)/Networks which help guide district and school level decisions and assist in promoting a collaborative approach to planning and delivering instruction.

Moving Forward

LSA is designed to support the Ontario Ministry of Education in its renewed goals for education:

  • achieving excellence
  • ensuring equity (LSA will focus on Aboriginal Cultural Competency) 
  • promoting well-being and
  • enhancing public confidence

In 2015-16, the project will continue to provide leadership and support by developing and sustaining learning networks of principals, teachers and system leaders within their districts, the province and internationally as they focus on some of the following initiatives:

  • LSA Theory of Action
  • Principal Learning Teams
  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Collaborative Inquiry Processes
  • Leading Mathematics Success
  • Knowledge Building/Knowledge Forum
  • Ontario Leadership Framework/School Effectiveness Framework

LSA supports system leaders and principals in the alignment and integration of these initiatives with School, District and Ministry initiatives.