CPCO Letters Patent

May 25, 1998

The corporation is a provincial organization created:

1. The primary purpose of which is to represent and assist Catholic principals and vice-principals with respect to the maintenance and improvement of their terms and conditions of employment, and in implementing this primary objective to:

a) Provide for appropriate liaison and direct communication with the Ministry of education and other partners in education in matters directly affecting principals and vice-principals; and

b) Foster the development of an independent effective organization of Catholic school principals and vice-principals; and

2. Its secondary objective being to advance the cause of Catholic education in Ontario, and in implementing this objective to:

a) Foster educational leadership among Catholic principals and vice-principals through leadership development on issues which affect Catholic education, school administration, organization, curriculum, and other areas of educational or spiritual interest;

And in pursuit of these objectives to make the well-being of students a fundamental value in all decision-making and actions.