Ontario Catholic Leadership Framework

As part of the Ontario Leadership Strategy a set of leadership frameworks for principals, vice-principals and supervisory officers has been designed by the Ministry of Education in partnership with the Institute for Education Leadership (IEL).

The Leadership Framework for Catholic Principals and Vice-principals was developed with significant input from the various stakeholders in the Catholic educational community and it reflects the core beliefs, values and distinct nature of our faith community. The Catholic Leadership Framework:

  • is rooted in research by leading experts and educators;
  • is designed to inspire a shared vision and a common language for leadership;
  • identifies the key practices and competencies of effective leadership;
  • informs the development and delivery of professional learning for educational leaders across the province; and
  • underpins the provincial mentoring initiative and the principal performance appraisal.

It is not intended as a job description or as a checklist for assessing performance but rather as a clear recognition of the complexities and tremendous breadth and depth of the leadership that we are called to as Catholic school and system leaders. The purposes of the Catholic Leadership Framework are:

  • to promote a common language and understanding of leadership at the school and system level;
  • to guide the design and implementation of professional development for vice-principals, principals and supervisory officers; and
  • to provide a framework for growth.

Catholic Leadership Framework is organized into six domains for principals and vice-principals. This is supported by a complementary component of System Practices and Procedures that is organized into five domains. The Leadership Framework for Catholic Supervisory Officers is similarly organized.