Nov. 6, 2020


Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario Reacts to Ontario's Budget 

TORONTO: Catholic Principals’ Council of Ontario (CPCO) welcomes education-related investments made by the Government of Ontario in the 2020 provincial budget.
Since the start of the pandemic, Catholic Principals and Vice-Principals have provided recommendations to the government on how to best support Ontario schools, teachers, staff and administrators. CPCO welcomes budgetary investments that will keep Catholic schools safe and will provide quality learning opportunities in-person and online for students across the province. 
“The government’s previous COVID-related education funding announcements recognize the important frontline role of our school administrators to support students, teachers and their entire school communities. This, along with continued financial support for families as announced in the budget, will help stabilize challenges on the ground where it matters most, and where capacity issues have led to increased levels of exhaustion and mental strain,” says Blaine MacDougall, CPCO President.
While CPCO is encouraged by the direction that the budget sets for the province, Catholic Principals and Vice-Principals across Ontario will continue to advocate for real solutions that address the unprecedented challenges school administrators face every day, especially under increased pressures and workload due to the pandemic.  
CPCO looks forward to participating in future discussions with the government on behalf of our members, and the students and school communities we serve.


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CPCO represents 2,100 Catholic Principals and Vice-Principals, who lead over 1,300 schools in 29 Catholic district school boards in Ontario.

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