Joint Statement from ADFO, CPCO and OPC Regarding March Break


Students, teachers, staff, principals and vice-principals have been working hard under extremely difficult circumstances this school year. Whether in school or online, learning has continued, and staff have stepped up to the plate to make so many adjustments to the usual way we teach and learn. Parents have been important partners, supporting their children with online and remote learning, often while also holding down their own jobs. The pandemic has taken a toll on the mental and physical health of everyone in our school communities over the past year. March Break is a time for students, staff and families to take a break, recharge, reconnect and prepare for the final term of the year. It’s important for all of us to have this crucial break. Principals and vice-principals will continue to provide recommendations and solutions to the Minister about ways to address the concerns around safety. We look forward to the planned March Break continuing as scheduled this year, for the benefit of our communities.

Jean-Pierre Michaud              Blaine MacDougall              Ann Pace
President, ADFO                      President, CPCO                  President, OPC