Statement from the Catholic Principals’ Council | Ontario


"I give you a new commandment, that you love one another.
Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another." 

John 13:34

June 11, 2020
Catholic Principals’ Council | Ontario stands firmly against racism, injustice and discrimination. 
Recent events in the United States and Canada, including the violent death of George Floyd, have led to worldwide protests and important conversations about anti-Black racism. Prejudice and discrimination have no boundaries and sadly continue to exist today directly impacting on the lives of our Black communities. 
As Catholic school leaders, we must inspire all of our students and communities to spread and reflect the love of Jesus every day. We can all do more to support our Black students, their families, our Black school leaders, teachers, and staff and all who experience racism and inequality. 
As Pope Francis has stated on various occasions, “We must overcome all forms of racism, of intolerance and of the instrumentalization of the human person. … The time has come to put an end to age-old prejudices, preconceptions and mutual mistrust that are often at the base of discrimination, racism and xenophobia.”
When we know better, we must do better. Racism continues to harm our communities and we are called as Catholics to take action to change it, to listen to each other, and to treat others as we would treat ourselves. 


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