The 2022 ICP World Convention Program Committee invites proposals for participation in our upcoming Elevating Education Leaders Convention, taking place July 25 - 28, 2022. This unique biennial event is the premier convention bringing together leaders in the domestic and international education sectors.

  • The deadline for all submissions is November 14 by 11:59 p.m. EST
  • Selected proposal notifications will be sent by email by December 17 by 5:00 p.m. EST 


All submission types will be blind assessed. The evaluators will review all submissions without the names of the authors and presenters, (which will be submitted separately). The names of the organizers and presenters should not appear in the text of the proposals. Proposals will be accepted in both English and French. The brief summary and full description should be in the language of presentation.

Session types

Each session type is associated with one of the cognitive interaction levels below. If your proposal does not align with the identified level of interaction for the type of session, indicate this in the submission form. 

  • Limited – These sessions offer very little interaction. The presenter will speak to concepts or ideas with supporting materials. Delegates may be invited to provide their perspectives or ask questions. The room setup for these sessions will be theatre style. 

  • Moderate – These sessions offer some interaction between delegates and the presenter. Delegates will have several opportunities to provide their perspectives and ask questions either to the presenter, or amongst themselves. The room setup for these sessions will be banquet style or classroom. Presenters will indicate their choice in the form and all efforts will be made to respect choices. 

  • Extensive – These sessions offer many opportunities for interaction between delegates, with support from the presenter. Delegates will be asked throughout the session to offer their perspectives, ask questions and work together with support and prompts by the presenter. The room setup for these sessions will be banquet style. 

If your presentation is designed to support learning within Catholic education, minoritized/marginalized groups or if there is physical interaction/participation, please include that in your description, along with information about the scope of the presentation (provincial, national, global). Be sure to include information about the intended audience. 

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