CPCO Virtual Conference 

Carousel Presentation Series


This is a two-evening series that features the work of CPCO Associates across the province. Associate presentations represent one of the following themes:

  • Equity Leadership in Catholic Schools
  • Innovation in Catholic Education Leadership
  • Leading through Wellbeing and Faith


April 20, 2021

Anthony Perrotta, Derek Chen

The Power of Story: Enabling Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning

Recognizing that each student comes to schooling with a unique narrative, The Power of Story aims to provide a framework to guide inclusivity in schools with an Anti-Black and BIPOC focus. Through cultivating story telling at the school level through Culturally Relevant Teaching and Learning, system efforts can equally be enabled, shaped, and supported. 


From the onset of his career in education, Anthony Perrotta (www.aperrotta.com) has been compelled and dedicated to knowing and empowering students in telling their story. As Vice-Principal, Anthony continues in his journey as a leader committed to creating safe, equitable and inclusive spaces for all students, all while intentionally addressing Anti-Black and BIPOC racism. Derek Chen is the recently appointed Superintendent of Equity, Diversity, Indigenous Education, and Community Relations for the Toronto CDSB. He approved an Equity Dept campaign to honour Remembrance Day through an Afrocentric lens, as an example of CRRP to the entire system. He oversees focus groups of all Black stakeholders in the TCDSB in order to create a Dismantling Anti-Black Racism strategy.  

April 20, 2021

Joe Zammit

Being a Green School Leader

This session will provide you with specifics on how to be a Green School Leader. It will demonstrate how you can take your current Catholic School Leadership role and help to foster an understanding of our fragile planet, the effects of Climate Change and how you can lead staff and students to have a positive impact on our environment. 


Joseph R. Zammit is celebrating his 32nd year in Catholic Education with the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. The past 11 years he has served as a Vice-Principal in Secondary schools. As a green school leader, he has facilitated the planting of over 1000 trees with both elementary and secondary students, established Butterfly Waystations and outdoor classrooms and been the recipient of over $25,000 in grants for his schools. He most recently received Facilitator training for Climate Change Leadership with the Al Gore organization in Atlanta, Georgia.


April 20, 2021

Daniel Stargratt

Strength Based Approach - School Wide

Research highlights that when families, schools and communities work together in positive and collaborative ways, a child’s capacity to achieve their learning potential is significantly enhanced, as is their general health, well-being, positive outlook and purpose in life. The strength based approach is a positive psychological perspective that enhances the strengths, capabilities and resources of a students. In this session, participants will an understanding of what a strength-based approach is and how it can be implemented in the classroom and school.


Daniel Stargratt is the principal of St. Jerome School in Kirkland Lake, Ontario. St. Jerome is a K-3 school. Daniel has been an administrator for over 16 years in all panels. He also serves as a Sessional adjunct professor with Queens University teaching within the Aboriginal Teachers Education Program. More importantly, he is the father to three children.


April 20, 2021

Paul Gladding, Sherry MacDonald

Supporting a Call for All to Belong and 
Feel Welcomed

In our school community, the overwhelming majority of students do not speak English as a first language. Many of these marginalized students have experienced racism, food insecurity and housing instability. We will share our community-supported, trauma-informed approach that is rooted in a culture of caring and our Catholic faith. Participants will learn innovative ideas and strategies that have proven to be successful in creating a sense of belonging and instilling hope.


Paul Gladding and Sherry MacDonald are administrators with Waterloo Catholic District School Board. They view their roles as one of a servant leader where building relationships and creating a Catholic, collaborative, caring community are a priority.

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April 20, 2021

Andrea McCabe

Mindfulness for Catholic Leaders

Developing consistent mindfulness practices helps us to be present with others and maintain our composure when confronted with everyday issues. This experiential session will touch on several tools to help Catholic leaders navigate our challenging educational climate. These include grounding, breathing, and creative visualization techniques to help participants align with their experience of God.


Andrea is in her 34th year as an educator and is a VP at Bishop Tonnos CSS in the HWCDSB. Andrea has presented numerous Mindfulness Workshops, including those for the "Play Like a Champion Today Educational Series" for coaches and leaders clinics and retreats at the University of Notre Dame.

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May 11, 2021

Siobhan Wright, Melton Moyo, 
Tracy Stuart, Joel Chiutsi

Leading Through Experience: Anti Black Racism Practices from Afro-Caribbean Heritage Leaders

In this presentation of lived experiences, we discuss how we can take proactive steps in allyship to ensure that change is being made in practice surrounding incidents of anti-Black racism and racism as a whole. It is important to take this journey together, to not only begin to identify and normalize equity practices but foster the change that needs to come for the betterment of our Catholic students and Catholic School system.


Siobhan Wright leads as an impactful chair for the Anti-Black Racism Pillar with YCDSB. Tracy Stuart is an active participant with the Culturally Relevant Responsive Pedagogy Pillar for YCDSB. Joel Chiutsi is a passionate advocate for the Culture and Race Identity Pillar at YCDSB. As well, Melton Moyo is a “moyovator” who seeks to build leadership and capacity on the topics of equity and human rights.

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May 11, 2021

Dr. Danielle Hyles 

Bridging the Opportunity Gap

Bridging the Opportunity Gap: Social difference, leadership and equity is about deeply looking at race, class and gender through a leadership lens in education. If you are ever interested in promotion, this is the workshop for you.


Dr. Danielle Hyles is currently a Vice-Principal with the Durham Catholic District School Board. She completed her doctorate at the University of Toronto OISE, her master's at Harvard University and bachelor’s at Howard University. She’s an adult and children’s author, her books include Bridging the Opportunity Gap, Loving my Working Mom, God’s Children are Math Wizards, and eight others. She is the proud mother of her daughter Vivien.

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May 11, 2021

Melissa Daddabbo, 
Sandra Donaghue

Using Innovative Leadership for Change

These passionate leaders push boundaries of engagement and innovation in instructional practice with their staff. This conversation will demonstrate how they “POP OFF” to inspire, lead & model within their school communities and board. Join us to learn more about how you can “POP OFF” so that your team can learn, grow, move and meet the needs of the community you serve.


Melissa Daddabbo and Sandra Donaghue are administrators in DPCDSB representing 23 years of administrative experience leading 7 school communities. Together they have long standing roots in CPCO, with representation at the local and provincial level, contributions to Principal Connections and the PQP course.

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May 11, 2021

Theresa Burtnick

Prevention: The Key to Achieving a Positive, Healthy, Spiritual, Active, and Purposeful Lifestyle

In this conversation, Theresa speaks about her unexpected journey through an unprecedented school year with a realization of the importance of prevention strategies to develop resiliency. She connects the theme of this year's CPCO conference: "Welcoming the Stranger and Being the Resilient Shepherd" to her own personal experience to talk about making small, gradual changes and improving overall wellness.


Theresa Burtnick is a Principal in the DPCDSB for the past nine years. She has devoted 28 years to Catholic education by leading and inspiring many school communities where she continues to build trusting relationships with and among staff, students, and families.