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Robyne Hanley-Dafoe

Everyday Resiliency in Times of Uncertainty 

The first few months of 2020 were an incredible test of our resilience. Our existence has been stripped down to the essentials. We are in a global fight to protect and manage our health. This global crisis is changing the world forever and will be taught in future history classes. Each of us will inevitably be transformed by the experience. As with all seasons and events of challenge, how we respond is crucial. In this session, Robyne will present her work on resiliency that includes the five core competencies from a global perspective. Learn how to best navigate personal and professional resiliency in times of uncertainty through stress performance, targeted focusing and value alignment. Learn how the Resiliency Trajectory Model serves as a tool for seeing resiliency in action. Robyne will facilitate knowledge mobilization that is relatable, accessible, sustainable and realistic. The information presented here may not be radical, but it is ultimately practical for the everyday resiliency we all need right now.


Dr. Robyne Hanley-Dafoe is a multi-award-winning psychology and education instructor, who specializes in resiliency, navigating stress and change, leadership and personal wellness in the workplace. Described as transformational, engaging and thought-provoking, Robyne’s keynotes provide practical strategies grounded in global research and case studies that help foster resiliency within others and ourselves. 

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Andrew Miki

Starling Boot Camp: Staying Positively Assertive and Setting Boundaries

Join Andrew Miki, founder of Starling Minds, in this workshop that will focus on providing a framework for positive assertiveness and how it is an essential leadership component of setting/maintaining boundaries. These are essential skills for administrators to keep healthy relationships at work, home and with themselves.


A practicing clinical psychologist for over 10 years, Dr. Miki is the founder and Chief Science Officer of Starling Minds. His goal is to offer a software service that history has never seen before – one that empowers people anywhere in the world to increase their mental fitness.

On the clinical side, Dr. Miki actively helps people return to work by demystifying mental health and laying out an action plan with evidence-based strategies, so that they learn to feel stronger, more confident and more resilient. He is driven to help all Starling Minds’ program participants achieve the same results.

Dr. Miki has a background in Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience and Animal Cognition with specializations in the treatment of Anxiety and Mood Disorders, and Neuropsychology. He is a member of the Canadian Psychology Association and the Canadian of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies.

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Dan Moynihan 

Catholic Leadership in Unprecedented Times

During these past months, we have repeatedly heard that we are passing through unprecedented times. This breakout session will explore our appropriation of principles associated with Catholic servant leadership and their application throughout the pandemic and the ongoing recovery efforts. When piloting a vessel, too tight of a grip can lead to a loss of control. At the same time, if our grip is too loose we can be headed for certain disaster. Catholic leaders in our educational and parish communities are uniquely positioned to keep moving communities forward, and transmit faith, hope and love in the midst of these unprecedented times. 


For the past 25 years, Dan Moynihan has served in many different capacities within diocesan, parish and education systems. Dan’s leadership, management and strategies have directed and influenced youth, and youth-serving organizations throughout Ontario, across Canada and internationally. Unique to Dan’s efforts are his abilities to walk with those serving at the highest levels of organizations, as well as his accessibility on the front lines.  

A highly regarded speaker, you may have heard Dan lead sessions across our province, country or internationally, in parishes, schools, dioceses, school districts or at school board and diocesan partnership events. He has facilitated discussions, led retreats and delivered keynote addresses focusing on the intersection of faith and culture and, in particular, how diverse families today can shape and mold their lives in the most life-giving ways.

Dan and Lisa (a secondary religion teacher at Catholic Central High School in London, ON) have been married for 17 years and have four children: Emma (14), Liam (11), Andrew (9) and Clare (8). Enabling time to be with them outdoors is Dan’s greatest pleasure. Close behind is the time he can spend coaching minor basketball and lacrosse. 

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Associates’ Carousel

This breakout session will feature CPCO Associates sharing successes and reflections as Catholic education leaders.

Participants will choose 3 presentations they will participate in on the day of the conference from
several available presentations that will be described in the conference handbook. Topics will focus on issues and themes relevant to Catholic leadership in 2020.

Carousel presenters will offer a 12-15 minute overview of their work that will illuminate emerging,
promising practice, innovation or research that will contribute to leadership development and will be
followed by a 15-minute plenary for questions.

To be a presenter, apply here.