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Father Ron Nuzzi

Father Ron Nuzzi currently serves as the Executive Director of Equitable Access & Excellence at Catapult Learning.  Ordained in 1984, Nuzzi has served as a parish priest, teacher, school administrator, university professor, having served in Catholic elementary, secondary, and tertiary institutions. He has developed leadership programs for aspiring Catholic school principals at the University of Dayton, Saint Louis University, and the University of Notre Dame.

His research interests and publications address the emerging needs of Catholic educators and include a two-volume encyclopedia on Catholic schools in the U.S., A Handbook of Research on Catholic EducationGifts of the Spirit: Multiple Intelligence Theory in Religious Education, a national study of pastors and their relationships to Catholic schools, and most recently an article on leadership succession planning for the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA).

Fr. Nuzzi has conducted two research tours at the Vatican’s Congregation for Catholic Education and served as a national delegate to the World Congress on Catholic Education, called by Pope Francis to celebrate the 50thAnniversary of Vatican II’s Declaration on Christian Education, Gravissimum educationis.Pope Francis named him a Missionary of Mercy, a ministry which he continues today.

Fr. Nuzzi is an international presenter and facilitates professional development in Canada, Ireland, Australia and the U.S.  He retired from the University of Notre Dame in July 2017 after fifteen years of service, and immediately began his work with Catapult Learning where he continues his advocacy in support of Catholic education. 

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Only the Strong Can Be Gentle: Towards a Spirituality for Leadership

Principals and Vice-Principals have a multi-faceted ministry with competing demands, tight schedules, and frequently unrealistic expectations. Juggling a variety of priorities, effective leaders must be thoughtful and planful in order to have a balanced life, marshall the inner resources they need, and be present to the community in helpful and supportive ways. Faith, perseverance, self-care, and a sense of humor are all needed to excel in this rewarding role as the entire school community advances on the road to salvation.



Isabelle Fontaine

Building on years of university teaching, television appearances and a series of over 1,500 presentations to some 800 organizations and counting, Isabelle Fontaine has become today’s premier go-to speaker in performance psychology. Fascinated by the psychological, physiological and biological mechanisms that help people tap into their inner power, she helps people unlock their courage, charisma and leadership potential. In her two best-selling books, Empower and Le Courage, she further explores emotional intelligence and performance psychology. 

On stage, Isabelle is a powerhouse of energy! Her fiery charisma captures the audience and her entertaining delivery keeps them on the edge of their seats right to the end of the show, in that pulsating zone she is known to generate. She shows the audience how to consciously move into “the zone” by learning how to produce the biochemical cocktail of top performance. By following her lead, they get a taste of what life would be like if they were in full control of their energy levels.

Participants emerge from the “ISABELLE EXPERIENCE” empowered with practical tools and strategies to rekindle their own zest for life. They are set on a path to injecting themselves with a dose of higher meaning, which leads to a renewed drive for excellence in vital aspects of their lives.

Keynote description

Leading with Heart - The Psychology of Influence: Embolden Your Impact 

With her indescribable energy and passion, Isabelle will take you on a journey and guide you as we learn how to hone your leadership influence tobecome a “People Magnet” who inspires and draws people to your leadership and vision. Asa “limbic attractor”, you will captivate people’s emotional brain and strengthen the arsenal of your arguments, build certainty andgenerate an enthusiasm that becomes contagious. Isabelle will inspire you tolead boldly in order to emotionally engage your troops, inspiringthem to go above and beyond the call of duty by unlocking theirdiscretionary effort – even in challenging times.  Learn tocreate a privileged connection that catalyzes a deeper chemistrybetween people and builds alliancesas you discover the law of psychological reciprocity and multiply thescope of your impact.