Benefit programs

The voice of Catholic Principals and Vice-Principals in Ontario.

CPCO is the professional association representing Catholic Principals and Vice-Principals in Ontario's publicly-funded Catholic school system.

CPCO represents Principals and Vice-Principals working in English Catholic school boards in Ontario when engaging in good faith discussions with the Ministry of Education regarding terms and conditions of employment.

CPCO Practising Associate Services

  • Advocacy
  • Legal services
  • Benefits programs
  • Opportunities for professional learning
  • Networking

CPCO Practising Associate Benefits

  • Access to legal advice by Legal Counsel through the Support Services Advisors, where appropriate
  • Representation by Legal Counsel for proceedings related to professional duties or Terms and Conditions
  • Professional counselling and assistance by experienced staff
  • Support and Training for terms and conditions of employment
  • Professional advice to individual members and to local associations in their discussions with school boards
  • Professional learning opportunities for high quality knowledge and skill-building events
  • Long-term disability plan offered at competitive rates
  • Representation on Ministry of Education committees and task forces
  • Facilitation of views and response papers on issues affecting Catholic education and the role of Principals and Vice-Principals
  • Advocacy on behalf of Catholic Principals and Vice-Principals before government and other governing bodies (OCT, EQAO, OCSTA)

CPCO Practising Associates Enjoy

  • Involvement through standing committees
    • Constitution/By-law
    • Finance
    • Political Advocacy
    • Program & Member Services
    • Support Services
  • Information about employment opportunities
  • Networking opportunities with peers at local, provincial and national levels
  • Subscription to CPCO's quarterly magazine, Principal Connections
  • Weekly electronic newsletters
  • CPCO's website including access to private areas where members can interact, exchange views, concerns and share ideas
  • Participation in CPCO's annual conference