Course outline

SUBSIDY OPPORTUNITY NOW AVAILABLE: CPCO, together with OPC and ADFO, and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, is offering a limited number of subsidies for eligible candidates for this AQ program.  Click here for details.

CPCO's Special Education for Administrators AQ includes four modules related to special education. Course components are rooted in the five leadership domains of the Ontario Catholic Leadership Framework. The design, course content and implementation for this Additional Qualification support effective education practices within the context of our Catholic Gospel Values.  

Special Education for Administrators AQ is organized into four modules that respect the life and dignity of individuals, and value gifts and abilities of all.

The four modules develop mindsets that support school special education programs, policies and procedures that reflect the fundamental Catholic concepts of human dignity, social justice and environmental stewardship.

  • Module One: Catholic Personal Leadership Resources
  • Module Two: Securing Accountability in Catholic Schools
  • Module Three: Developing the Organization / Building Relationships and Developing People within Catholic Schools
  • Module Four: Setting Directions / Improving the Instructional Program within Catholic Schools

The CPCO Special Education for Administrators AQ is based on the current Additional Qualification Program and Guideline published by the Ontario College of Teachers.

The course celebrates our distinct Catholic identity and is grounded in sound research and exemplary professional leadership practices. The course content and expected achievement of persons enrolled in the course match the skills and knowledge reflected in the College’s “Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession” and the “Ethical Standards of the Teaching Profession” and in the program guidelines issued by the college (Regulation 347/02, Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs, Part IV, Subsection 24).

The AQ will be delivered using a variety of instructional practices that honour the principles of adult learning; case studies, presentations, large and small group discussions, participation in online / digital, and individual reading and reflection.



CPCO's Special Education for Administrators AQ comprises 125 hours of coursework, including face-to-face instructional time (40 hours), 45 hours of online learning/documented related study (i.e. pre- and post-module learning), as well as a job-embedded professional inquiry practicum consisting of 40 hours. Delivery formats will vary according to local scheduling requirements or specific session schedules.

While the overall expectations and the particular areas of study are clearly mandated by the Ontario College of Teachers and must form the structure of the course, it is expected that the delivery of the CPCO's Special Education for Administrators AQ course will reflect the difference in the nature and purpose of our Catholic schools and their leadership positions.