PDC AQ Course Policies

Ontario College of Teachers 

For information regarding Additional Qualification courses, visit www.oct.ca/members/additional-qualifications.

Academic integrity

CPCO expects candidates to complete assignments in a professional manner.

Incidences of academic misconduct, such as plagiarism and cheating will be dealt with accordingly. The Registrar, the Instructor and the Candidate will be involved in the resolution of any issues.

Appeal process 

A candidate may choose to initiate the appeal process if there is a disagreement with the overall evaluation of the requirements for successful completion of the course. The appeal process will be transparent, based on due process, and designed to be prompt, fair and equitable. This process must be initiated within 30 calendar days following notice of unsuccessful completion of the AQ course requirements. Details of the process are available from the Registrar.

Attendance policy

It is an expectation that candidates will attend all sessions of the course. In the event of any absence, the candidate will be required to notify and meet with the Instructor and must complete assignment(s) equivalent to the time missed in class. An absence of ten percent of the course hours or more may jeopardize successful completion of the course.

Course feedback

Catholic Principals’ Council | Ontario is committed to continuous improvement of the design and delivery of the course. Successful completion of any CPCO AQ course requires that candidate respond to the online survey. The survey will be sent electronically to candidates during the final module of each course. Informal opportunities for candidate feedback will be provided throughout the course. This information will be used to modify the course content and/or delivery. CPCO also welcomes other feedback at any time. Those wishing to comment may contact the Registrar.


Principal Development Course AQ Instructors are CPCO Associates (practicing or non-practicing) with extensive experience in Catholic School Leadership and Leadership Development.


In posting and responding online, candidates are expected to act professionally and collegially. Respectful and appropriate use of technology will enhance the learning experience for all participants.

Privacy policy

Personal information is collected under the authority of Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) and will form part of the candidate record at CPCO. Candidate personal information is held securely, is used for the purposes of the course and is not shared outside the course purposes without the express consent of the candidate.


*Online, Regional and Board Partnership Withdrawal Policy

Candidates who withdraw on or before the first class will receive a refund of the course fees less than $50 non-refundable registration Fee. A $250 refund will be granted to those who withdraw before the second session. No refunds will be granted after the second session.

Please note in the event CPCO cancels a course due to low enrollment both the course fee and the registration fee will be fully refunded.

Successful completion of the course 

Candidates will be deemed successful if all course assignments are completed, assessed as successful by the Instructor using the rubrics and course expectations, and recorded on the Marks Manager for the course. Candidates must meet the criteria for Level 3 or above on the rubric for each assessed activity in order to be recommended to OCT for the Additional Qualification.

Technical requirements

Provincial Online courses are fully online. Candidates must have the technology required for full participation (reliable Internet connection, webcam and audio headset; hardwire connection is preferred). 

All candidates are required to have regular access to a computer with internet access and an up-to-date web browser.

Technical support

Candidates requiring technical support for the online portion of the course may contact Vanessa Kellow at vkellow@cpco.on.ca.


Candidates who choose to withdraw from a course, must notify the Registrar of their intention to withdraw in writing. The refund policy will apply in these cases.