Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Where can I find information about upcoming Principal Development Course AQ sessions?

Information pertaining to dates, sites, fees and course content can be found on the CPCO website, under PDC AQ. To register for PDC AQ, click here

2. What are the eligibility requirements for the Principal Development Course AQ?

The PDC AQ is open to members of OCT. The focus of this AQ is on developing effective leadership practices within the context of Catholic gospel values within Catholic schools.

3. Do I have to be a Principal or Vice-Principal to take the Principal Development Course AQ?


4. Do I have to take all core four modules in any particular order?

No, the course is designed with independent yet related modules that can be taken at different times in any order. Core Module 1 is mandatory along with one other Core Module and any other two (Core or Elective) modules in order to receive the accreditation of PDC AQ with OCT.

5. Is there one large practicum assignment with the PDC AQ?

No, in the modular design of this course, each module has a short (10 hr) Job-Embedded Inquiry Practicum assignment that focuses on the content of that module.

6. Will I receive recognition for this AQ on my OCT Record Card?

Yes, upon successful completion of Principal Development Course AQ, candidates will be recommended to the OCT for this accreditation, and it will be included on their OCT Record Card.

7. How do I get OCT accreditation for the PDC AQ?

To receive accreditation from OCT, candidates must successfully complete 4 modules including: 

  • Core Module 1: Mission of Jesus, 
  • one additional Core Module and 
  • any two other (Core or Elective) modules.

8. If I do not want accreditation from OCT for PDC AQ, can I take just one or two modules?