Texts & Additional Information

This page includes Additional Forms, the Textbook and Tax Receipt details for the Principal's Qualification Program.

Additional Forms


Candidates are responsible to purchase the text prior to the start of the PQP course(s). This text will be used for PQP Part 1 and Part 2.

Exploring Leadership and Ethical Practice through Professional Inquiry



Other Suggested PQP Resources:

An Educator’s Guide to the Role of the Principal, Third Edition



Auditing our Catholic Schools, K-8



Other CPCO Resources:

Tax Receipts

Tax receipts will be issued in the month of February following courses that were completed before December 31 of the prior year.

If you do not receive your receipt by the end of February, please contact Vanessa Kellow at vkellow@cpco.on.ca

Please be sure to check your junk mail folder.