Course outline

SUBSIDY OPPORTUNITY NOW AVAILABLE: CPCO, together with OPC and ADFO, and in partnership with the Ministry of Education, is offering a limited number of subsidies for eligible candidates for this AQ program.  Click here for details.

Based on the Ontario College of Teachers guidelines, the CPCO Principal's Qualification Program has been designed by principals for teachers interested in becoming school administrators. Experienced staff offering a provincial perspective will prepare candidates to serve as leaders in both elementary and secondary schools. Content is explored through the lens of Catholic educational leadership.

The course will be delivered using a variety of instructional practices that honour the principles of adult learning: case studies, presentations, large and small group discussions, participation in online/digital and individual reading and reflection.

PQP Part 1 and 2 are organized into 5 content areas, following the Ontario College of Teachers PQP Guideline. The content is reflective of the 5 leadership domains of Ontario Catholic Leadership Framework.



The 5 leadership domains and the Personal Leadership Resources are used to organize the content and to guide the Leadership Practicum.


  • Setting Directions
  • Building Relationships and Developing People
  • Developing the Organization
  • Improving the Instructional Program
  • Securing Accountability

Personal Leadership Resources

  • Cognitive Resources
  • Social Resources
  • Psychological Resources

CPCO Principal's Qualification Program (PQP) is delivered through two distinct parts and with a Leadership Practicum with specific prerequisites for each and is designed to prepare candidates for the principal's role in Ontario's Catholic and public schools. PQP will prepare future school leaders to lead effectively through the lens of Gospel values and Catholic Church teachings. 

Part 1 requirements

Part 1 consists of 65 hours of class time, 35 hours of a distance education component and 25 hours of independent study. During Part 1 candidates complete a Leadership Practicum proposal.

Part 2 requirements

Part 2 consists of 65 hours of class time, 35 hours of a distance education component and 25 hours of independent study. The PQP Practicum must be completed before receiving certification for Part 2.

PQP Practicum

The Leadership Practicum is a required and integral component of the PQP. This required 60-hour practicum is to be conducted in a school setting and mentored by a practicing qualified principal or vice-principal. Under the OCT PQP guidelines, candidates must develop a Leadership Practicum Proposal before receiving Part 1 certification and successfully complete the Leadership Practicum experience before receiving Part 2 certification.