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 Lumina Leader is an integrated tool and model of personality and leadership development. Supported and endorsed by CPCO, Lumina Leader is conceived and constructed with the aim of helping you understand the different components of your personal leadership style.

The Lumina Leader Portrait both aligns with and supports the Ontario Catholic Leadership Framework. Your personal portrait is produced using data provided through the completion of a confidential on-line questionnaire. The Lumina Leader Portrait is a powerful tool developed by Lumina Learning to help you and your system harness personal attributes and skills in the development of leadership success.

Like Lumina Spark, Lumina Leader is the only tool of its kind that is aligned with the Ontario Catholic Leadership Framework and can effectively guide leadership development for school and system leaders.

Lumina Leader features:

  • 16 leadership qualities
  • Each of these qualities builds into a complete leadership skill-set
  • 4 leadership domains
  • Linked to colour archetypes to make sticky and easy to remember

Participant perspectives

“My portrait was “Bang On!”  The part I love best is the next steps/developmental suggestion to build on my leadership skills and qualities. Thank you so much for the opportunity to examine my growth as a leader through this portrait.  I look forward to weaving this information into my annual growth plan and aligning it with school and board goals because I want to make Lumina a priority.”

“Very specific strategies and directions were provided in the portrait and by the facilitator for improvement. - the authentication of our individual experiences and the alignment to the OLF make this an absolutely valuable leadership tool.”

Lumina Portrait

Our paths to success may be hindered by daily challenges and uncertainties. More than ever the collective success of schools, systems and teams, relies on harnessing the diverse qualities that are unique to each individual and school.

The Lumina Leader portrait is a powerful tool developed by Lumina Learning to help you and your team harness exactly what makes your individual and team leadership both personal and distinct from others.

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Lumina Leader helps make you aware of how you see yourself as a leader:

It can help make you aware of your leadership choices. What you choose to do – and how you choose to do it – within your leadership role can be heavily influenced by past experiences with positive and negative leaders coupled with your personal experiences as a leader up to this point.

It measures 16 leadership competencies in two very different situations:

  • Effective use of your leadership competencies- your leadership when everything is going well
  • Overextended use of your leadership competencies- your leadership when you are stressed

Your Lumina Leader portrait informs you of:

  1. WHAT you are choosing to do as a leader and the leadership choices you are making often
  2. HOW these leadership competencies are being operationalized using your personal strengths
  3. ENHANCEMENTS to leverage or capitalize on these leadership competencies by  looking at other personal qualities that you encompass, of which you may not be aware
  4. NEW leadership choices you may want to try based on under-utilized strengths
  5. OVEREXTENDED behaviours and how these impact your leadership choices, personal and professional relationships and how to mitigate against this

 Your Lumina Leader portrait offers you:

  • Opportunities to explore your ability to cope with situations you may have struggled with in the past
  • Ideas on how to adapt your leadership style
  • Goals for the future and how you would like your leadership style to develop