CPCO Book Club — Interactive Virtual Author-led Sessions

As part of our professional learning offerings, we are introducing CPCO Book Clubs. Through 60-minute interactive online meetings, CPCO Associates will come together to discuss how the concepts in the chosen book can support their practice as a school administrator. At the last session, the author will be available to answer questions or support the discussion. Participating Associates will have to purchase the books in advance of the first session, participation in the book club is at no cost to Associates. Any non-CPCO Members or Associates will pay a fee to take part in the book club. Whenever possible, we have tried to obtain the books at a discounted rate. If a discounted rate is available, it will be detailed below. The rate applies to all CPCO Associates, whether you participate in the book club or not.

Joint Association Book Clubs

In partnership with Ontario Principals' Council, we are offering author-led book clubs providing participants a unique reading and reflective experience. Authors will be facilitating the first and last sessions of the book club. 

deep diversity.png

Author: Shakil Choudhury

Description: In Deep Diversity, award-winning racial justice educator Shakil Choudhury explores the emotionally loaded topic of racism using a compassionate, scientific approach that everyone can understand-whether you are Black, Indigenous, a person of color (BIPOC), or white.

With clear language and engaging stories that will appeal to readers of Brené Brown and Malcom Gladwell, Choudhury explains how and why well-intentioned people can perpetuate systems of oppression, often unconsciously. Using a trauma-informed approach that removes shame or blame, he offers us the tools to recognize, take authentic responsibility, and enact deep change. 

Interactive Virtual Author-led Sessions

All sessions will occur from 4 to 5:15 p.m.

  • October 7 
  • November 16
The book can be purchased from multiple sources:



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Author: Jennifer Abrams

Description: Personal growth animates professional growth; professional growth inspires personal growth. This book offers mindsets and practical resources for guiding and stimulating your learning journey and illuminates the intertwined nature of individual and organizational development. Richly rooted in adult development theories, Jennifer Abrams defines five facets of what it means to grow (up) in a work context: identity, certainty, responsibility, reciprocity, and resiliency.

Interactive Virtual Author-led Sessions

All sessions will occur from 4 to 5:15 p.m.

  • January 13
  • February 10 
  • March 3

 The book can be purchased from: