About CPCO

Who we are

CPCO is the professional association for Principals and Vice-Principals in Ontario's publicly-funded Catholic school system. CPCO also offers services to individuals from other organizations, provinces and countries around the world such as:

  • LTD (Ontario)
  • Newsletters
  • Professional magazine (Principal Connections)
  • Professional Learning opportunities
  • Access to on-line forums and e-learning
  • Access to CPCO's Annual Conference

Practising Associates of CPCO receive a number of services including:

  • Legal support for matters relating to their responsibilities as school administrators;
  • Legal telephone advice related to professional matters;
  • Long Term Disability insurance in a provincial group benefits plan;
  • Online and print communications;
  • Professional learning opportunities;
  • A communications network with other members; and
  • Advocacy for members' issues and Catholic education.

What we do

CPCO meets regularly with its business and education partners as well as the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Ontario Institute for Education Leadership. 

Our Members (principal/vice-principal local associations) benefit from a number of CPCO services and resources, including:

  • Resource and communications materials to support the promotion of Catholic education at the local and provincial levels
  • Representation to the provincial government on provincial bills and legislation
  • Representation at the provincial table regarding terms and conditions of employment
  • Assistance for local labour relations support including access to provincial contracts and negotiations training
  • Meetings and information sessions to assist associations in their comprehension of issues related to their members
  • Meetings and information sessions to provide a voice for associates as it relates to organization and governance
  • Legal support and Long Term Disability benefits
  • Professional learning opportunities based on current research and presented through Gospel values
  • On-going communications regarding educational issues especially related to Catholic school leadership